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ISI offers geophysical consultancy to clients worldwide, either at its Hannover
facilities or at clients’ offices and is specialized in seismic interpretation
services in their widest sense:
We‘ll be involved in all of these ...

Key capabilities ISI GmbH
  • We are flexible: we work inhouse or at your office...
  • We easily tie in to your special tasks because of our long experience...
  • We are versatile with the Schlumberger interpretation system and flexible enough to use others...
  • we speak your language...

    Experience & Clients ISI GmbH
    20 years and more in the job...
    with interpretation of various geologic and tectonic settings worldwide ... from salt domes to thrusts, from terrigenous sediments to carbonates... from structure to geology...
    12 years of Schlumberger GeoFame Interpretation software (and others)..
    . Working with and for others like:

  • RWE-Dea Germany
  • RWE-Dea UK ltd
  • Wintershall AG, Germany
  • Exxon-Mobile, Germany
  • Gaz de France - EEG
  • Ruhrgas AG, Germany
  • AGOCO, Libya
  • AGIP, Libya
  • Amoco
  • tatoil, Norway
  • Veba Oil, Netherlands ...

    Software ISI GmbH
    in Hannover, we use Schlumberger GeoFrame software, at present GF 3.83 and GF 4.x on UNIX workstations. We also use ‘Sattlegger ISP003’. The more interesting applications for our use are map migration and 2 D track line computation. GF3.83 /GF 4.xx CHARISMA IMain Input/ Output Mapping InDepth StratLog ISP003, vers. 9.51 +10.x Map data Sections image ray Mapping / plotting Map migration Surface operations trackline computation

    The International Seismic Interpretation GmbH (ISI) was founded
    in 1998 by two geologists and a seismic interpreter after 20 years
    and more of job experience.

    ISI GmbH services

    Our job might be ...
  • Data loading
    • - SEGY formats, ASCII formats, LIS/LAS formats, GeoFrame back-ups,
        Sattlegger ISP back-ups (Landmark back-ups)
  • Project set-up
    • - small scale projects or large projects with multiple data sets
  • Interpretation
    • - structural: 2 D /3 D data sets in time or depth domain
      - stratigraphic
  • Integration
    • - of various seismic cubes for interpretation like seismic with Inversion,
        seismic with coherency ...
  • Modell interpretation
    • - as input into data processing sequences, gravity processing sequences ...
  • Depth convertion
  • Track-line
  • Image ray migration
  • Map migration
  • Advicing and training on the job...
  • Seismic project management
  • On Schlumberger systems we can do all of the above inhouse or at the clients office and with Landmark systems we can convert Landmark back-ups to GeoFrame in conjunction with PCT GmbH.

    2 D/ 3 D interpretation
    We do ...
  • standard stuctural interpretation ...
  • standard stuctural interpretation
  • but we like the geologic aspects like ...
  • interpretation with GeoViz
    visualization with GeoViz
    integration of well geology, logs and seismic
    geologic aspects interpretation and visualization with GeoViz
    voxel grid
    Transparent cube + advantages scaling
    Transparent cube + advantages scaling

  • Integration of seismic cubes -
  • Blending for Structure Enhancement
    Integration of seismic cubes - Migration
    plus Integration of seismic cubes - Variance

    Blending for Structure Enhancement
  • Integration of seismic cubes -
  • Blending for Geology Enhancing
    Integration of seismic cubes - Migration - Inversion - Variance
    Blending for Geology Enhancing Migration + Inversion + Variance
    Migration + Inversion + Variance

    Seismic Project Set-up
    Seismic projects tend to consist of multiple data sets:
    2 D lines
      - various vintages
    3 D surveys (sometimes only overlapping...)
    - various vintages
    - various processing sequences
    3 D special cubes (covering part of the survey)
    - coherency or variance
    - impedance
    - .....
    Well data
    - logs
    - geology
    All of the above needs to be acessable immeadiately when needed but not slowing down the performance unnecessarily. Grids for general overview require less input than maps scaled 1:5.000 - grid-libraries need to be defined accordingly. Seismic and special cubes sometimes need to be blended into each other to get the maximum benefit.

    We handle projects up to 300sqkm containing 7 and more different seismic data sets, we can interprete, blend, visualize and map.

  • Team
    Wolfgang Fuhlrott   Jürgen Altenkirch

    Dipl. Geologe - Msc. Geology, University of Kiel/Germany

    Seismic interpreter since 1980

    Founding member of ISI GmbH
    Member of EAGE

    2D -3D structural and stratigraphic interpretation techniques

    Northern and Eastern Europe
    Middle East
    Southeast Asia
    Southern America
    West Africa

    Founding member of ISI GmbH
    Member of EAGE

    Wolfgang Fuhlrott    Wolfgang Fuhlrott

    Seismic interpreter since 1980

    Founding member of ISI GmbH

    2D -3D structural interpretation techniques

    Spezialized in track-line computation and image ray

    Salt dominated basins of Northern Europe

    Eva Zöllner  Eva Zöllner

    Dipl. Geologe - Msc. Geology, University of Göttingen/Germany
    PhD geology - Flinders University of S. Australia

    Seismic interpreter since 1981

    2D -3D structural and stratigraphic interpretation techniques

    Northern and Eastern Europe
    N‘ Africa
    Middle East

    Founding member of ISI GmbH
    Member of EAGE

    ISI GmbH

    Karl Wiechert Allee 76
    30625 Hannover

    Tel.: +49 (0)511 5490180
    Fax: +49 (0)511 5490199


    Geschäftsführer: Jürgen Altenkirch, Wolfgang Fuhlrott, Eva Zöllner
    Amtsgericht: Hannover HRB 57042
    Ust.-IdNr.: DE812 538 746
    Steuernummer: 232525 2194 6308

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